Greenware helps businesses and institutes fully realize the promise of green technology.

Greenware develops, markets and assimilates unique, green software and hardware solutions that allow efficiency and savings in the computer domain while protecting the environment. Greenware exclusively markets products of the world's leading companies in the field to the Israeli market.

Greenware was founded by two partners with a long history of knowledge and accumulated experience in the IT field, while working closely together with organizations such as governmental bodies, municipalities, regional and local councils, educational networks and schools in the education system, large organizations and enterprises, training facilities, colleges and large and medium-sized businesses.

We at Greenware, believe first and foremost in reliable and quality service. Therefore, we are dedicated to meeting every challenge, with special emphasis on personal attention to our customers, professional and courteous service and maintaining high company standards.

We are committed to tailor solutions according to customer needs while saving tremendous costs and providing efficient, quality and available service through all the way.

Greenware raise the banner of environmentally friendly technologies and the ones that contribute to and help the world become more aware of its environment. We believe that advancement and technology must go hand in hand with consideration for our future – how to reduce electricity consumption, produce less electronic waste and prevent waste of natural resources.

In Education:

Greenware is a leading company in the field of education technology and computerization for universities and academia. We specialize in constructing computer classrooms and computer labs for educational institutions, using green, environmentally friendly and cost effective technologies. Among our solutions for computer classrooms: the green computer classroom, the cloud based computer classroom, and the mini-PC based classroom. In addition, we market complementary computer classroom solutions such as classroom managment software by NetSupport, recovery and protection software by HDGUARD, and our digital signage solutions for educational institutions – Monitors AnyWhere.

In the business and public sector:

Greenware specializes in green hardware solutions and offers a variety of Thin-Client from a global leader company Atrust, Zero-Client devices and Mini-PC computers of the world's leading brands. In addition, the company has developed a solution for digital signage (Monitors AnyWhere), video walls and a content management platform that enables organizations and institutions to set up an information screens system in a smart and economical manner. In addition, the company markets a number of additional software solutions aimed at saving electricity costs, ongoing printing and management of computer assets in organizations.

For further information, please contact us at: [email protected]